Sunday, October 26, 2008
Hi all, just gonna keep my post short as I have to get some rest & study already.

2 More weeks and I am finally free!!!!! Persevere & Succeed! I Believe I can succeed. My goals are L1R4=12 Points

So just came back from church and now blogging. TIRED~!


ŧ ωϊll йот lέт єϋϋ gО 3:47 PM
Wednesday, September 24, 2008
Today, Have nothing much to blog, sad day. All I know is my GrandMa will be very very happy in Heaven with God (:

To my beloved GrandMa, Rest In Peace. We will still have family reunion and all of us will be good.
I love you GrandMa. God Bless!

24 September 2008, 5.51pm. A day and time to remember always.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Anyway, It's been a very long while, very busy with 'O' Levels, studying and worrying at the same time. Having many restrictions, stopping myself from doing this, doing that. But nevertheless I just want to thank God for his goodness that I am still doing well during this period, I don't really hope much for my prelims, cause i studied kind of LATE!!! But I want to do well for my 'O' Levels

Target: L1R4 - 14 Points, Anyway my course that I want cut-off point is 18 points,I still want to aim 14 just to be save. because SOOOOOO many smarty pants wants to go polytechnic nowadays!! Ridiculous lor, snatch our places, should ask them go JC lor, haha!

Anyway God has been good and i just want to pray that my Grandma can discharge from hospital soon. (:

God Bless you all!

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Tuesday, June 10, 2008
Hii all, sorry for my "going to be dead" blog. I have been very busy last few MONTHS and have no time to blog, and i decided to blog today.

I just came back from Japan, Kyushu today, and i had a very enjoyable trip, made new friends, and have wonderful memories with them. Made new friends like Paul and some Japanese Students during the exchange program. I really enjoyed myself & bought some stuffs, and had a new vision! (:

I will post my photos on friendster & some very nice ones on my blog tomorrow. For now, i got to go for dinner with family. CYA~! (:

ŧ ωϊll йот lέт єϋϋ gО 5:58 PM
Monday, April 14, 2008
Hey all, sorry for my dead blog, buts its going back le..haha..

Today its a very sad day, in life..there is always happy and unhappy, and today something sad happen and i din go school..not because i dun wanna go, is i really can't go..Those closer to me will know why.

To my dearest uncle:
May God bless you wherever you go, and be blessed and accept the second chance. All the best!

It's April already and i haven't started revision..I think it's time to start now.. i dun wanna fail and disappoint people around me and especially my parents. I wanna work hard and make this life fruitful, a faithful servant of God, and never think of all the worries again. Father, please bless my family and grant us divine protection. Thank You

I should really start on the important things I should do. Cya soon~~! It's won't be dead le (:

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Monday, March 10, 2008
Hi all sorry for not updating my blog for such a long time, kind of busy and a bit lazy la..lolls
Many things have happened, bad and good de also have..but I chose to ignore those bad ones..super waste of time la! And I think that not everybody can be trusted.. feel so stupid la. But I just wanna thank God for WAKING me up..haha..thats not so bad afterall.

So I just tightened my braces..doesnt hurt that much though..actually it doesnt even hurt, and now HOLIDAY, although its only 1 week..but better than nothing, its a fully pack holiday.

Today go watch movie with friends, Tuesday go Sentosa, Wednesday morning got course and night going my friend's chalet, Thursday got gathering and chalet also, Friday go camp(SIAO one la!)----until----Saturday 8.30 pm den out of camp, go home sleep, Then Sunday Church then go out with friends, after that tmr..School again =.=" But nvm at least got holiday (:

Alright ending my post, CYA~!

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Monday, February 18, 2008
Hiie, today is a new week and everyone are going for camps and the school will be practically empty. Sec 1 got interaction camp, 2s got their own adventure camp, 3s got their OBS and sec 4s have some stupid motivational course...waste time... i dun mind if its Adam Khoo, but its some stupid company which teach some crap..and made us pay $140 for it?!? Nonsense right?? But anyway, we have a little fun though, super tired for the past weeks, dunno why..but just feel super drain until Sunday finally cant take it and super BIG eye bags pop up and i have to sleep. TIRED!

Hmms..things are still fine for me out there..still trying to study...want to chinog for 'O' Levels, and of course..still waiting (: Just hope the 1 day will come..May God bless me and forgive me for the mistakes I made, i dun mean it..Cya~!

ŧ ωϊll йот lέт єϋϋ gО 8:06 PM

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